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    Get an affiliate link and banners in your own dashboard. Include it on your website or Share it with your friends

  • Your Rewards

    Follow the results from your affiliate account and get 30% of the spendings of people you invited

  • Our Missions

    Job seekers or your friends will stand out in applications and then get hired

Why join WeJobAffiliate Program?

  • The Highest Commission
    01 Help Others|We Work Together

    WeJob provides Online Professional Resume Templates to help Candidates keep employers interested to be given opportunity to interview with no skills and experience required.

  • High Conversion Rates
    02 Minimal Effort

    Include your own WeJob affiliate link or banners anywhere and start earning income, whether it’s a website, blog, article, social media account, forum, or in an email to your network.

  • Simple
    03 Accurate Tracking

    Gain access to your very own affiliate dashboard, where you can track commission details.

  • 04 120 Days Cookie

    Affiliates can receive commissions for any sale that a customer makes within 120 days from clicking on your link.


WeJob helps people all over the world: students, professionals, job seekers, and anyone who is looking for a job. Your chances of being accepted in WeJob Affiliate Program are highest if we have the same mission. Participation is free and has no hidden costs.  Expect recurring affiliate commission for the lifetime of each new subscription you bring in.
Upon acceptance into the program we will provide a variety of affiliate links and banners belong to your own.
  • For the Company Affiliate, you can use emails and newsletters to let people know / promote WeJob and also add the affiliate links on your website, such as
  1. Simply add “ Create your resume” with the affiliate link to navigation at the top of your website; or/and
  2. Also add “ Create your resume” button with the affiliate link on the front page of your website.
  • For the Individual Affiliate, you can add the affiliate link on your blog, article, social media account, forum, or in an email.
When placing the links and/or banners, please make sure you visibly add them to pages with useful and relevant content.
The commission possibilities for affiliates are endless! The more subscribers you refer, the more recurring commission you’ll get. Commissions are paid for sales that are legitimately referred to via your own affiliate links or banners. WeJob Affiliate Program supports only PayPal for affiliate payout that are conducted once a month (within 7 working days).