• Why WeJob Do?

    WeJob helps Candidates to stand out in applications and get more interviews. Moreover, we help Employers to connect with Candidates in the most efficient and effective way as well as increase productivity and save cost.

  • What WeJob Do?

    WeJob built with JobTech mainly provides Online Resume Generator. It designed with HR experts to provides Professional Resume Templates. Moreover, we provide online recruitment system for Employers to provide job posts, candidate management and live interview.

  • What WeJob Will?

    Enhance in Our Value and Quality.

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Hi! Candidates

The following are the main sections that every resume should include:
  1. Basic Information – (a) First Name, Last Name, Age, Gender, Email, Phone and Address - My Profile (b) Job Title, Candidate Description and Academic Level - My Profile
  2. Skills – select from the system or type what you require.
  3. Education
  4. Experience
  5. Portfolio
  6. Expertise
  7. Languages
  8. Honors & Awards
For reference only
By registering a WeJob Candidate account, you can enjoy the following benefits:
  1. Apply for Jobs
  2. Dashboard
  3. My Profile
  4. Applied Jobs
  5. CV Manager - Upload your own CV for Applications
  6. Favorite Jobs
  7. Following
  8. Change Password
  9. Reviews
  10. Job Alerts
  1. It shows all behaviour of Candidate Account at wejob, such as Profile Completion Score Percentage, Notifications, Applications Statistics, Job Applied Recently, etc.
  2. Notifications - on new job post (Subscribe to Job Alert emails/notifications) AND once Shortlisted / Rejected for interview.
  3. Upload Photo – Image requirements: suggested pixel and format are 250x250 and JPEG or PNG accordingly.
  1. To be searched or not - Profile for Public View by selecting Yes / No. To specify Profile for Public View, you can either select: “Yes”- agree for employers who perform candidate searching may have chances to reach your Profile. Or “No”- agree ONLY for employers whose jobs are applied by you can reach your Profile.
  2. Upload Job Cover – Image requirements: suggested pixel and format are 765x150 and JPEG or PNG accordingly.
  3. Enter Basic Information.
Select “Meetings” and click “On Zoom” at the specific time.
  1. Favorite Jobs - Shortlist jobs for future reference.
  2. Following - Follow employers for any new offers/jobs.
  3. Reviews - Receive / Send reviews from employers for records.
CV / Resume / Profile can be viewed by an Employer who has any contact with you.

Hi! Employers

  1. Before click "Post New Job", select Packages at the top panel.
  2. After payment confirmed, enter Job Details.
  3. Create Apply Job Questions if necessary.
  4. Upload Attachments if necessary, such as Job description and requirements.
  5. Free to edit the Job Details even after Job Posts confirmed.
Tips: Try to differ new job posts from the Job Alert filers in order to access different candidates who created Job Alerts.  The Job Alerts is created by Candidates according to the following filters: a) sector, b) job type, c) location and d) custom fields (academic level, age, salary and industry).
By registering a WeJob Employer account, click “My Account” at the top panel.  you can enjoy:
  1. Upload Company Logo – Image requirements: suggested pixel and format are 250x250 and JPEG or PNG accordingly.
  2. Dashboard
  3. Notifications – Receive Job Applications via your Employer Account on the top panel and your email address registered at WeJob.
  4. All behaviour of Employer Account at WeJob, such as Applications Statistics and Recent Applicants, etc.
  1. Dashboard
  2. Company Profile
  3. Post a New Job
  4. Manage Jobs
  5. All Applicants
  6. Saved Candidates
  7. Packages
  8. Transactions
  9. My Emails
  11. Change Password
  12. Reviews
  13. Delete Profile
  1. Upload Job Cover – Image requirements: suggested pixel and format are 765x150 and JPEG or PNG
  2. Enter Basic Information.
  3. Social Links Section: Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin / Linkedin – Allow the employer to add a profile URL.
  4. Public Profile URL – Allow the employer to change his/her profile URL.
  5. Public Profile view option – Allow the employer to make his/her profile public or draft.
  6. Account Members – Allow the Account Members of Employer who can manage employer account with specific permissions.
  7. Team Members – Allow the Employer to add Team Members for existing employees basic information.
  8. Awards – Allow the Employer to add awards in profile.
  9. Affiliations – Allow the Employer to add affiliations in profile.
Note:  7. - 9. – Image requirements: suggested pixel and format are 150x150 and JPEG or PNG accordingly.
  1. View status of all Job Posts (rotate screen orientation of cellphone).
  2. Edit Job details.
  3. View, Copy and Delete Job Posts.
  4. Fill Job – filled job cannot be applied.
  1. Filter applicants by job.
  2. Preview resumes and profiles of applicants.
  3. Actions – Download CV, View Cover Letter, Email to Candidates, Shortlisted, Reject, Delete and Create Meeting.
  1. Select “Meetings” to set the available time and day, then Save Setting.
  2. Turn Zoom API Setting “On” and enter Zoom Email, Zoom Client ID and Zoom Client Secret, then click “Get Authorize with zoom”. If you do not have Zoom API key, please go to https://www.wejob.info/zoom-meeting-setup/ .
  3. Select “All Applicants” and click “ACTIONS” to select “Create Meeting” from any Applicant.
  4. Enter Meeting details and click “Create Zoom Meeting” to invite Candidate and then wait for reply from email or Live Chat. (click “Create Meeting” means create an offline meeting)
  5. Finally, select “Meetings” and click “On Zoom” at the specified time.