Zoom Meeting Setup

Five minutes to finish!

  1. Go to “Zoom App Marketplace” and create Zoom APP (API Key)
  2. Click “Develop” and select “View App Types”
  3. Select Sign Up Free or Sign in
  4. Select OAuth and click “create”
  5. App Name: type “Zoom MEETING App”, follow the screenshot and click “create”
  6. Redirect URL for OAuth: type your company website e.g. “https://www.wejob.info/”

    Whitelist URL: type your company website e.g. “https://www.wejob.info/” and click “Continue”
  7. Fill in your own company details: “Company Name” , “Name” and “Email Address” and click “Continue”
  8. Click “Continue” again
  9. Click “Add Scopes”
  10. Select “View your meetings” & “View and manage your meetings” and click “Done”
  11. Click “Continue”
  12. Click “Install”
  13. Click “Authorize”
  14. Click “App Credentials”, copy Zoom Client ID & Zoom Client Secret and need to paste in WeJob Employer Account (15)

    Enter to “Meetings” of Employer Account and click “Meeting settings”
  15. Fill in Zoom email (registered email in Zoom), paste Zoom Client ID & Zoom Client Secret from (14) accordingly and click ” Get Authorize with zoom”
  16. Zoom Meeting Application successfully configure with the website.  Now the Employer can set Job Interview Schedule Meeting with Zoom as well.