Why Hong Kong

Hong Kong – Asia’s World City

1 Metropolis linking East and West

Hong Kong is a truly cosmopolitan city of vibrancy and cultural diversity where East meets West. It serves as a bridge to the world and is home to over 500,000 expatriates who live, study and work in a community where most people speak English and Chinese.

2 Gateway to Mainland China and Asia

Ideally located in the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is the perfect gateway to the fast-growing China and Asia market. With excellent air, land and sea connections, Central Hong Kong is within an hour of the Mainland China border and 5 hours to half of the world’s population.

3 International business and financial centre

In a prime location with open trade, free flow of information, unrestricted capital flows and world-class infrastructure, Hong Kong ranks high as a regional corporate and start-up hub and is home to more than 9,000 overseas and Mainland companies.

4 World class education system

International standards, opportunities and cultural diversity set Hong Kong apart as a centre for education in the region. Its qualifications are well recognised internationally. The city is also ranked by Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) as one of the best student cities in Asia.

5 Life

Living in this small but lively city, you will be impressed by the diversity of life and the contrast of Chinese heritage and British colonial history. Hong Kong is renowned for shopping and international culinary hotspots, but beyond this you can find exciting theme parks, quaint villages, historical sites, quiet sandy beaches, undulating mountain paths and hundreds of outlying islands.

6 Convenient transportation

Getting around the city is simple. The well-developed and efficient transport network, encompassing MTR (rail), bus, tram, ferry and taxi, takes you across Hong Kong with ease.


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